Friday, August 3, 2007

Rocket German Review

You're here reading this because you want to learn German, want to learn it quickly and don't want to spend a fortune doing it. Well, I have the answer to your problem.

This is quite a package and to do a full review would probably put you to sleep, so I will hit the high points of this amazing piece of work.

Rocket German has solved all the problems I went over in my article and more. This is the one thing I wish I had when I was a kid.

Okay, what is it that makes Rocket German so special? Well, my daughter can probably explain it better than I can but she's too busy reading Harry Potter, so I'm handling this personally based on what I've seen from her studies and her results.

For starters, what this product does is teach you conversational German in an interactive manner. There are 31 interactive audio lessons in this package. So you're not learning from a book, which is NO way to learn any language.

The lessons are about 25 minutes long for each one, but they do also come with written transcripts for those who want to read. Personally, the audio is all you'll need.

In addition to the audio lessons, you also get 31 grammar lessons. There's one for each track of the audio course. There are over 600 exercises that are just outstanding.

But I'm just getting started.

The product also comes with this really awesome vocabulary software game. I have never seen anything like this. And let me tell you, it really reinforces a lot that you will learn. It also comes with an audio software game as well. Between the two, you will learn over 3,000 words easier than you ever thought possible. Then there's also a verbs software game where you will learn hundreds of verbs. You're probably wondering how and why this stuff is so effective. Let me explain.

The reason this product works so well is because it uses an environment that makes learning easy. Studies have been done in this area and it has been proven that any subject, not just languages, is easier to learn when it is in an audio environment. This is why, when you think about it, you can remember a movie in detail, a lot easier than you can remember a book. Because more senses are being stimulated. And that is the premise of this product. It stimulates both your sight, sound and reading senses, with the emphases on sight and sound.

I really can't say enough about Rocket German.

One word of advice. Don't get the version that they ship to you. You don't need it. Instead, get the downloadable version. It's the same product and it's a lot less money.

Also, while they say you'll learn German in 8 weeks, that depends on how much time you put in. My daughter did about 2 hours a day and it took her about that long. You do need to put the time in.

You can get your copy by clicking on the link below.

Click Here

If you buy this book from me, I will personally answer any questions that you have for a full 3 days after purchase. That's how much I believe in this product.

I have no doubt that you'll be as pleased with this product as my daughter is.


Steven Wagenheim

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